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Safety, Quality, and Efficiency for all of your building facade work.


Vista Skywall Systems provides

industry-leading quality fenestration, façade, and interior glass and metal installation for large and mid-size commercial property owners, developers, and general contractors throughout the New York metro area.

 Led by construction and manufacturing executives with extensive industry experience, Vista Skywall Systems streamlines project management to ensure installations are efficient, on time, and on budget.  Vista continues to enjoy steady growth, a large portfolio of notable New York area projects and prestigious clients, and a vast network of product suppliers and skilled construction professionals.  Vista is a New York City certified MBE firm.

Vista Skywall Systems was launched in 2006 by a group of fenestration installation and manufacturing professionals to offer installation services for select local developer construction projects.  Their expertise in window fabrication as well as construction practices enabled the company to build a strong reputation for quality products and installation craftsmanship.

Vista Skywall Systems’ values of safety and quality are evident on every installation project.  All staff and affiliated craftsmen receive significant and ongoing safety and construction training, and the company’s industry-leading safety procedures are carried out daily.  As a result, Vista Skywall Systems has one of the best safety records in the commercial fenestration construction industry.

Notable Vista projects include several high-end prestigious New York City curtain wall developments, including several in Hudson Yards, Chelsea, Harlem, and Times Square.  Vista is pleased to partner with many leading New York construction firms to provide fenestration installation services for these and many other projects.



Steve Powell
President of Operations
Vista Skywall Systems

Steve Powell directs all aspects of strategic growth, business development, and project execution for Vista Skywall Systems. With extensive experience in the glass and metals industry, he also provides expert design assistance in the early phases of project planning with architects, developers, and general contractors to arrive at optimum design and installation solutions.

To ensure Vista can bring the latest façade and interior materials and elements to any project, Mr. Powell identifies, evaluates, and introduces new products and construction techniques and develops training protocols for all involved staff members. Under Mr. Powell’s guidance, Vista has established a wide network of quality product suppliers, which allows Vista to serve increasingly large and complex projects.

Prior to Vista, Mr. Powell was General Manager for the Oldcastle Building Envelope manufacturing facility in Hauppauge, NY. There he had full P&L accountability for operations, sales, and administration for the 130-member plant team.


  • Built Vista’s reputation for design, engineering, and installation expertise and quality, resulting in repeat notable industry clients for multiple new construction and rehab projects

  • Implemented state-of-the-art standardized safety training and procedures for Vista, resulting in one of the best safety records in the New York metro area construction industry

  • Launched Vista into the high-end curtain wall market with several successful prestigious New York City projects, including several in Hudson Yards, Chelsea, Harlem, and Times Square

  • Continuously adds new products and associated training to expand Vista’s capabilities for increasingly large and complex projects

Michelle Murphy
Senior Project Manager
Vista Skywall Systems

Michelle Murphy is Senior Project Manager for Vista Skywall Systems. She is responsible for business development, client and subcontractor relations, all aspects of project management from bid preparation to scheduling, material delivery and job site installation. Ms. Murphy's recent portfolio includes notable high-rise projects in Brooklyn, Chelsea, Times Square, and Harlem.

With over 25 years experience in operations management in glass installation, fabrication, and manufacturing, Ms. Murphy is a leader in her field. She brings extensive proficiency in continuous improvement, operations efficiency, cost reduction, quality assurance and OSHA safety protocols to Vista, streamlining the company's bidding and quotation processes, maintaining an outstanding job site safety record, and enhancing profitability with value engineering.

Prior to joining Vista, Ms. Murphy was Operations Manager for the Oldcastle Building Envelope glass fabrication plant in Hauppauge, NY.


  • Tripled the number of clients with multiple new construction and rehab projects

  • Reduced bid quotation and engineering turnaround time by 50%

  • Implemented standardized safety plans with 100% compliance on every project, resulting in zero recordable incidents



Vista crews are professional, well-trained, experienced experts in the installation of:

  • Curtain wall

  • Façade panels and cladding

  • Window wall

  • Canopies

  • Windows and exterior doors

  • Architectural metal elements

  • Storefront systems

  • Glass partitions and enclosures

  • Commercial entranceways

  • Shower doors and enclosures

Design Assistance
With expertise in materials, fenestration, and construction techniques, and using the latest project design and management software systems, Vista Skywall Systems offers quality value engineering and design assistance to architects and specifiers early in the creative phases of project development.  Taking advantage of Vista Skywall Systems’ design consultation facilitates optimum material and product selection and enables the overall construction process to proceed extremely efficiently and cost-effectively.

Project Management
Vista applies continuous improvement, lean operations, and process reengineering practices to every project to arrive at the most efficient and successful installations.  Our crews and project managers coordinate all aspects seamlessly with general contractors and other job site trades to eliminate delays and unnecessary effort.

Testing – Lab and Field
Vista Skywall Systems works with all major independent certified testing companies to provide Performance Mock-Up (PMU) product testing at their labs as well as on-site installed product field testing to meet every job and project specification.

Vista Skywall Systems supplies quality fenestration and façade materials by these and other high-end manufacturers:

curtain wall, storefront, window wall, and other products
Quest Windows

window wall, rain screen, unitized systems
Crystal Window & Door Systems

architectural windows and doors
ES Window

curtain wall, storefront, window wall, and other products

curtain wall
Gamco Corporation

curtain wall, storefront, architectural metals, structural skylights
Panda Windows & Doors

custom window, door, and wall systems
Tempco Glass Fabrication

insulated glass units, interior glass panels and wall systems





Learn how Vista Skywall Systems may assist your next project -

call us at 718-947-2064 or email us at:

Steve Powell, President of Operations
Michelle Murphy, Senior Project Manager
Vanessa Serrano, Project Coordinator

Mailing Address:
31-10 Whitestone Expressway, Flushing, NY 11354

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